Founded in 1950, D&C was created from the intuition that the national market is ready to accommodate different styles of consumption. New products from the world of food can be presented to curious Italian palates.

Consumers, open to the change, are sensitive to the proposals that D&C selects throughout Europe. From France arrive bottles of champagne, prestigious wines, cognacs, from England jams, teas, whiskey, from Holland comes the chocolate.

For more than 60 years D&C offers its partners marketing, commercial management, distribution, logistics and promotion services, in line with the brand development objectives, in a logic of total partnership.

Since 2014, D&C is part of the Eurofood Group. The Group, active since more than 35 years ago in the food specialty sector, is composed of five different companies, specialized in every commodity-related category of this market segment (from ethnic to healthy food, from frozen food to confecionery, from colonial imports to alcohol-free drinks), reaching a turnover of more than 200 million Euros. (